The IWFL Rule book is available as a download to all Coaches and Officials via their member page on myiwfl.com.

The IWFL rule book is a combination of existing football rules deemed most applicable for the women's game. Where the IWFL does not have a specific rule NCAA rules are used.


Six-man rules

Basic six-man football variations to IWFL rules:
1. Field is 40x80 yards vs. 50x100
2. 15 yards for a first down
3. All players are eligible receivers
4 . There must be a 'clean exchange' of the football. The quarterback must hand off, pitch or throw the ball before it can cross the line of scrimmage.
5. Fields with Goal posts are optional. When goal posta re used a field goal is worth 4 pts and a kicked PAT is 2 pts.
5 . A run/pass PAT is 1 pt.
6 . If at any point after halftime, a team leads by 45 points or more, the game is over.