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IWFL supports drop of two teams in an effort to help reduce their travel costs

Austin, Texas –The IWFL announced today it will move the New York Sharks and Montreal Blitz to inactive membership status for the 2017 season. This move follows the recent non renewal of another Atlantic Conference team that reported similar travel budget limitations.

The IWFL has led the way for almost two a decades by creating innovative approaches to sustainability in the challenging business of women’s football. Working directly with team owners to accurately assess the feasibility of maintaining long distance schedules is one way the league is working to protect women’s access to affordable opportunities to participate in the sport of tackle football.

“Both teams have been IWFL members for many years and we certainly hate to see them go but it isn’t fair to ask them to travel further than their budgets can handle,” said IWFL President, Laurie Frederick, “while we are sad to say goodbye to these teams, for now playing other nearby teams will be better for them financially as they work to maintain a positive opportunity for women to play football.”

The decision to drop the memberships to inactive is part of a continuing effort to support the different levels of women football team business currently being conducted around North America, and allow teams the freedom to move between league organizations if travel to other IWFL teams becomes cost prohibitive for them.

"While I have much respect for both the IWFL and the WFA, it is in my team's best interest to rejoin the WFA for the 2017 season. It is unfortunate that the costs associated with women's football too often dictate decisions. We wish the IWFL and its member teams the very best and are happy to be rejoining some old friends in the WFA," said New York Sharks owner, Andra Douglas.

"After a long and successful relationship with the IWFL, the Montreal Blitz has decided to change leagues for travel and budgetary reasons for the 2017 season,” said Montreal Blitz delegate, Saadia Ashraf, “We thank the IWFL for their support in this decision."

For information on IWFL membership and general league info visit www.iwflsports.com and watch for the new website re-launch coming in February!

About the IWFL
Founded in 2000, the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) is a 501 c 6 Non Profit organization. Structured as a professional football league, the mission is to provide women’s tackle football teams the opportunity to play at the top competition tier of their sport, while fostering an environment of goodwill and sportsmanship. Offering participation levels appropriate for all markets the IWFL has taken the lead in the development of women’s football for future generations. For more visit www.iwflsports.com