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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 13, 2015
Round Rock, Texas –The IWFL is pleased to announce it has awarded a new team membership to the Tennessee Train. The Train will play a full schedule in 2015 featuring games against IWFL South Atlantic division teams.
The Tennessee Train was founded in 2012 by a group of dedicated players and staff with the goal to establish and operate a successful and sustainable women’s football team.

“The Train has established themselves as a solid organization and competitive team. They will be a strong addition to the IWFL South Atlantic division,” said Kezia Disney, IWFL Chief Operating Officer.  

The Tennessee Train, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will offer women an opportunity to learn to play full tackle football and compete at the national level.

“The ladies of the Train and I are excited about this opportunity to play football in the IWFL. We are looking forward to playing against some of our old rivals and friends. The Train players and staff are working hard to make this a great season for our fans. Women's football is growing in our area and the IWFL is a big part of that. The city of Chattanooga has historically been a football powerhouse and we are working to continue that tradition. We look forward to bringing old and new traditions together and making some of our own,” stated Robin Sanders, Tennessee Train Delegate.

For information on tryouts and upcoming events please contact the team at:
Phone:  423-227-0186
Email: tennesseetrain@gmail.com

About the Tennessee Train
We are a player operated team, founded on the values of Sisterhood. We respect, coach and support each other on and off the field.  TNT was founded on June 24th, 2012 by a group of veteran players with the mission to ensure the success of women’s football in our area. We are not for profit and aim to share the joy of the sport with other women whom have only dreamed of playing football, real football. We don’t require experience to join the team, only the desire to learn and the heart to keep trying.

About the IWFL
Founded in 2000, the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) is an international women’s tackle football organization. The IWFL provides women’s tackle football teams the opportunity to play at the top competition tier of their sport, while fostering an environment of goodwill and sportsmanship. Offering participation levels appropriate for all markets the IWFL has taken the lead in the development of women’s football for future generations. For more visit www.iwflsports.com